Kat Costello and hubby create hip zprbag, right here in Richmond

imageThis is just too cool, ya gotta really see the Zprbag to get what makes it unique.

“What would happen if I sewed a bunch of zippers together?” That simple question spawned what is now zpr bag™, the latest must-have fashion accessory for teenage girls. The nylon bag allows girls to customize its size and color to suit their moods through adding or subtracting “zpstrips.” Still not quite sure what a zprbag is? This video will explain.

And in January 2009, Green Alley, LLC (zpr bag’s parent company) announced a strategic alliance with Harvest Direct, the Massachusetts-based leader in direct-response television products and distributor to national retail chains, including Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target. Zprbags come in 9 different looks in one (great value and fun to customize yourself!).

“We loved the idea of a bag that would be fashionable, shareable, changeable, and affordable. Not to mention washable,” says Kat Costello. The couple has a now-two-year-old daughter, Emma, and they relished the opportunity to seamlessly blend family life and work. The pair and their design team spent three years meticulously honing the product/item, as zprbag underwent dozens of revisions. zprbag was featured in Teen Vogue’s June/July 2009 issue.

Kate Hall

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