Faith in God and my kids

It's hard not to have a little faith when I see these smiles.

I had lunch with a dear friend of mine yesterday, Nicole Unice of The Stubborn Servant. (She used to write for and edited Richmond Rocks then I lost her when she became so darn popular, but I digress.)

Nicole is also a Richmond mom-of-three, writer, and kindred spirit from whom I always glean insight and sometimes leave our time together exhausted from her infectious energy and ridiculous productivity. (The girl is up, ran five miles and wrote two thousand words before my head lifted from the morning pillow. But I digress.)

Our conversation drifted from our work to our kids and husbands and the craziness of juggling it all and still finding time to shop for cute shoes. (Kidding. But we do share a love of great shoes.) When we talked about her work at Hope Church, from training summer interns to her inspiration writing to her teammates there, her face lit up, and then the question just popped out of my mouth and into her lap: “How do you remain so faithful?”

“I can’t resist,” she said. “My faith is an incredibly strong feeling that I can’t get enough of.” It gives me goosebumps just thinking about her lingering words.

It was a question I felt compelled to ask, particularly since my own faith has admittedly diminished over the last couple of years for a variety of reasons. I’ve always had a lot of faith in God, but it had been particularly tested–through things that happened to me and some that I brought upon myself.

But I’ve never let my wavering faith affect my kids; even though we’ve not been to church in a while (honestly, I got tired of dragging everyone there unwillingly) I find ways to work God into their every day lives as much as I can:

Honey, God wants us to be kind to everyone, even if we don’t feel like it.

Who put the salt in the ocean? God did, of course, he created everything.

Why did God make that earthquake happen in Japan? I don’t always understand the plan honey, but I know He has one.

So why have I kept up this front with my kids even though my own faith was at times worn quite thin? This irony hadn’t struck me until my meeting with Nicole, but now I understand that by showing my kids strong examples of the ways I feel God works in our lives–even when I had doubts–they would choose to follow a stronger path in life.

I just need to remind myself of that a little more often, and cling like a magnet to the inspirationals, like Nicole, who, ever a stubborn servant, threads her faith into every aspect of her life, then lives every day like it’s her last on earth.

Kate Hall

Kate Hall is the Founder of and author of Richmond Rocks and Richmond Rocks Spooky Sequel, two fun history books for kids. She has three children ages eleven to six and is truly appreciative of the 185,000 + visitors who visit the blog every year, and for the amazing team of writers who create unique, valuable content. Kate is thrilled to have created a cool place for Richmond, VA parents to learn, grow, and share while supporting local charities.

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