5 Ways To Make Summer Parenting Easier


A few years ago, I wrote a post entitled “I Am Not A Summer Parent,” where I detailed why having no schedules and being the one in charge day after day was not for me. It was all true but not how I wanted to stay. I wanted to find joy in all the seasons even […]

I Miss The Days When My Kids Did Not Know April Fool’s Day Existed

Short Pump PacMan

April Fools Day is upon us, which means I’ll be spending the day trying to come up with pranks that won’t get my kids’ kicked out of school. I miss the days when they didn’t know April 1st existed. So far I found a fake ketchup bottle craft where a string comes out instead of […]

Fashion Tips: An Interview With A Five-Year-Old Fashionista

fashion quote

My 5-year-old is a much better dresser than me. She’s fancy while spunky, classic while trendy, and just has that magical eye to see a jaunty headband would make all the difference. Since my daughter is always in style, I thought she could help us old people figure out how to keep up, keep in, […]

The Best YouTube Videos You Might Have Missed, Which Would Be Terrible

sad cat diary

Now that we’ve had a break from the snow, we can screw around on the Internet again. I mean what else do have to do while the kids are at school. Work? A few of my favorite YouTube videos: My Little Ponies, Friendship is Magic is amazing in and of itself but when you make […]

Words Give Us Away


I collect words. Words and phrases and quotes. I have since I was young. In fact, at 14, my best friend and I made up a word, “pharparsnick,” as in, “stop pharparnsnicking around and get to work.” When I moved down south, I immediately adopted “y’all” not because I was trying to trick people into […]

Why I Love Valentine’s Day Cards

Store Bought Valentine Card

I know classroom celebrations of Valentine’s Day are annoying. Buying 25 cards. Getting our kids to sign every single one. Seeing other parents go way overboard or judging a family for not hand-making every cards to go with a fancy gift basket of organic bamboo. I read the articles and hear the parents mocking them, but when […]

New Year Resolutions, Celebrity Style

New Year Resolutions Celebrity Style

New Year! New You! I’ve been really wanting to change myself, and it seems like 2015 would be the perfect year to do it! And who better to guide my way than the ever-changing celebrities, sports figures and 24-hour news cycle. Can you guess which story inspired each of my 15 New Year Resolutions? I […]

Playing What My Kid Loves (Even When It’s Video Games)

Clash of Clans

I’m not great at video games. It’s not for lack of trying. I played Super Mario Brothers and Zelda on Nintendo — heck, I even played The Black Caldron on my Compaq. I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination to not revert to key-mashing for the game’s special moves nor do I have the attention […]

RAH! RAH! How Do I Find A College Team?

UVa football game

College football and basketball (and some other sports I should probably care about) are important down south, and as a transplanted Yankee who went to Brown University, I’m at a complete loss. Although I did attend the University of Virginia School of Medicine in my twenties, I only got to a few games and I […]

I Would Like Credit For My Normal Outfits

Pink haired princess

My kids, particularly my daughter, have many opinions on what to wear. Sadly, they don’t just keep these ideas to themselves. They attempt to style me, too, but I’ve had enough! Well, I should have had enough because this is what happens when I relinquish control. I know how you should do your hair! Like […]