Where Did My Childhood Dreams Go?

childhood dreams

“I’m going to be the President of the United States.” “I’m going to the moon.” “I’m going to play for the New York Giants.” When we’re young, we have infinite futures. Three-year-olds, who are good at golf, don’t all grow up to be Tiger Woods, but the boy with the crazy name grew up to […]

Things I Learned to Apologize For in the Carpool Line

Car Pool Door Handle

On the one hand, carpool should really appeal to me. It gives me almost no social interaction except with those I’ve allowed into my car and has many well-inforced rules so I’m not the only one getting mad at people who drive cars. However, I mostly spend those 15 minutes apologizing, and you might, too: […]

I Think I Won That Argument

Ash and Pikachu from the Pokemon wiki (http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Ash_Ketchum?file=Ash_Pikachu_Taillow.jpg)

I don’t try to solve all my kids problems, but I am occasionally brought in to referee. I often give a word of encouragement to speak up or a suggestion to practice taking things a little less personally, high-five myself, and move on to the sounds of laughter and fun and parental satisfaction. However, this […]

Welcome To MAMA CAMP

Mama camp

My kids spend a lot of time together with me as their fearless leader because they are only 2.5 years apart and get along, but this summer, I was able to arrange their camp schedules so each could attend a week of the greatest camp ever: MAMA CAMP. MAMA CAMP is when one sibling goes […]

The Going Rates for Babysitters in RVA

Babysitting Rates

With the summer upon us, parents everywhere are asking: What are the going rates for babysitters? Based on my years of research, rates vary based on experience, number of children, date, and where you live. In general, a babysitter with some experience (older teen/early twenties) watching one child on a non-holiday is $10 per hour in […]

Damn It’s Hot: Activities From My Home To Yours

Richmond Virginia Weather

Since I was so helpful with rainy day activities, I decided to write up my DAMN, IT’S HOT activities especially as the school year comes to an end. Get a sprinkler: Not only can you multitask by keeping both your plants and children from withering away, you get an extra five minutes to yourself by yelling […]

The Value of Doing Nothing

Eeyore and the value of doing nothing

I went shopping the other day, and like any good gift-buying mission, I came home with a little something for myself. For most of my years, I have been terrible at doing nothing. When I saw an hour in my schedule, I thought: How can I fill that time? What must get done? Who can do it […]

Real Rainy Day Activities From My Home To Yours

Feel free to buy yourself one. You deserve it!

It’s day three of rain in Richmond so I’ve been busy pulling out all the stops for fun and easy rainy day activities with my favorite being the throwing on of raincoats and rain boots and locking my kids outside. WHAT? No. They asked to go outside yesterday because that’s how awesome my rainy day […]

The Best Sweatpants Or My Quest To Create The Most Comfortable Outfit In The World

Greatest Slippers

While I’m still attempting to be stylish again, I’d rather wear slippers than heels so I’m constantly on the lookout for the greatest sweatpants and eventually THE MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT ON EARTH. I already swear by the UGG Rylan Slipper all over the Internet mostly because they are not only a hug for my feet, […]

10 April Fools’ Day Pranks From A Home Near You


I was going to write a fake post for April Fools’ Day, but my husband read my final piece and told me it was just mean. I know many of you are disappointed I didn’t post it anyway so you could yell at me, but to compensate the yellers and the non-yellers, I will reveal […]