2013 Dream Baby Shower: And the Winner is….


  We’re super excited to announce our 2013 Dream Baby Shower winner!  But, first we’d like to congratulate all the wonderful expectant Richmond Mamas to be that were nominated!  We had so much fun celebrating with you at our announcement party last night! And our Winner is…..Margie Morgan! This years Dream Baby Shower was brought […]

Stepping Back but Not Away

My first "official" property of Richmondmom.com, where it all started.

I shared recently what inspired me to create this blog–my daughter’s fall and subsequent head injury when she was an infant. Today, I’ll share with you another difficult message–I am handing over the reigns of Richmondmom.com to new owners effective immediately, with thirty days built in for me to help ensure a successful transition. 1.5 Million […]