Richmond Mom Makes Cooking Fun and Relaxing

amanda rose

Did you know that cooking can actually be fun,  inspirational, and relaxing? That’s what one Richmond mom has to say about it. Amanda Rose has taken on the task of cooking and has learned to love everything about it. “When I was first married less than a year ago, I didn’t cook that much. Living [...]

Our Top Posts of 2011 logo

Each year we love to bring together our most-visited stories and resources. For 2011, we’ve put ‘em all in one place for you to read. We are thankful for our writers and readers. Enjoy! Losing Faith? Not a Chance I Dont’ Want to Be a Fat Mom The Richmond VA Preschool List Remembering Luke Cockey [...]

Remembering 2011: Memorable Headlines and Events


2011 was an eventful year from many perspectives. From celebrity deaths, to celebrity mishaps, economic turmoil to box office hits, and celebrity weddings, to local earthquakes — it was a wild ride. We’ve listed some of the most notable headlines and stories of 2011 here. Charlie Sheen was all about “winning” in 2011 as he [...]

Top 10 New Year Resolutions I Will Not Keep

Late Enough Alex Iwashyna

By Alex Iwashyna, blogger at Late Enough Well, it’s that time of year again. When we all make promises, resolutions, intentions and plans like we’ll be different people in January 2012. And we might be. Until we catch up with ourselves in February. Here’s what my January self will be doing until December Alex shows [...]

December Rockstar: Kathy Glass


Congratulations Kathy Glass – our December Rockstar on! When you speak with Kathy Glass, she sounds upbeat, happy and very pleasant. But as you hear more about her story and the challenges she and her family face every day, you begin to wonder how she can keep such a positive attitude and demeanor. Kathy’s [...]

Remembering the Harvey Family: Six Years Later


Six years after tragic murders, we still recall the horrendous events that led up to the deaths of an entire family. Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their precious young daughters were killed on New Year’s Day, 2006. The killers went on a crime spree of unimaginable depths and left our community reeling and shocked at [...]

After 10 Hours of Labor: Don’t Speak to Me

Our youngest daughter with her dad.

Many people find the last week in December a change of pace after all of the holiday planning, cooking, wrapping, visiting, and shopping. The kids are starting to settle down (at least a little bit since Santa has come and gone), and the hectic pace gives way to a slower, more relaxed time. But that [...]

DawnCorrespondence Offers 20% Discount on Cards, Stationery and More


There’s something fun in store for moms and it comes with a great discount! If you haven’t heard about DawnCorrespondence before, you definitely want to check them out now. DawnCorrespondence is clearing out their old inventory of stationery, cards, and other printed materials. They’ll be replacing them with fresh and fun custom goods and event [...]

Dream Dinners Introduces New Options in January 2012

Dream Dinners Richmond VA

Just when you thought you knew everything about Dream Dinners, they come up with something new and better. In January, 2012 they will introduce new whole wheat options in-store. That means more options from Dream Dinners and more choices for you. It also means more emphasis on higher fiber, healthier options too. Dream Dinners is [...]

Sewinit’ Creations Reflect Your Personality


Fall and winter can be cold and dreary – but it doesn’t have to be. Karen Curcio of Sewinit’ has lots of ideas to warm and brighten up your home. From simple window treatments to ornate and unusual ones, Karen can transform a new new room from an existing one. Karen specializes in customized window [...]