Zombie Survival Guide: The Most Useful Survival Gun Ever

I know that nothing will start a fight quicker than proclaiming one particular firearm or another the “ultimate survival gun.”  But what the hell?  I’m feeling frisky.

First, the most prevalent and affordable ammunition in the nation is the .22LR.  The round is cheap to buy, and therefore to stockpile, and is useful for a variety of purposes including hunting small game.  I’ve even known people who swear to having taken bigger game such as deer with a well placed shot.  Although it’s not ideal for defense, it can probably be used to scare the hell out of a bad guy in a pinch.  Nobody is going to volunteer to get shot with it, even if it is a small caliber round.

Since a good survival gun has to be affordable and small enough to easily pack as part of your kit, I’m ruling out many of the larger frame  .22LR rifles.  It would also be nice if our rifle was able to be accessorized with a variety of after market stocks and survival accoutrements.   In my mind, that leaves only one weapon:

2 thoughts on “Zombie Survival Guide: The Most Useful Survival Gun Ever

  1. Ruger 10/22 is awesome! especially if you modify it to be a bullpup rifle.That thing can pretty much be customized any way you want. The Henry survival rifle is cool too, where everything packs neatly in the waterproof stock… it does have a lack of options/accessories though.

    • I assume you’re talking about the Henry having a lack of accessories. But yeah, it’s cool to be able to break it down into the stock and hump it with your kit.

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