Being A Prepper Apparently Makes You A Murderer

At least that’s that the Washington Post is insinuating in this article. I frankly never read the leftist nonsense from the Washington Post as a rule.  It’s bleeding-heart nonsensical liberalism at it’s worst.  However, since we were linked-to and mentioned in the article, I figured I’d respond.

First, and I can’t believe I’m still trying to explain this to grown ups, “zombies” are a metaphor.  A metaphor, for those of you who went to crappy, overpriced liberal arts colleges, is when you use one thing as a proxy for another thing.  In this case, I’m using zombies as a proxy for the end of the world by any means because, frankly, it’s more entertaining and the SEO is better.

Second, and this is the big one, being a ‘prepper’ or a ‘survivalist’ doesn’t make you a murderer.  I’m sure you’d like to outlaw prepping and survivalism and guns and bad people but that wouldn’t change anything.  Bad people would still murder folks using knives or rocks or sticks, or by pushing them off a cliff.  You get the point.  Or maybe you don’t, which is why I have to write this in the first place.