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Health Care

I believe that health care is a right for everyone. I am fully committed to working for state and national policies and programs which ensure affordable, comprehensive coverage, accessible to all state residents. We need a national, single-payer health care system based on need, not profit. But until we can achieve that goal, we need to safeguard the existing programs, and to expand coverage within Washington with the aim of ensuring that no Washington resident lacks adequate health care.

Currently 47 million US residents are uninsured, including more than 600,000 here in Washington. Costs and premiums have skyrocketed. While advances in medication have improved care, they have also dramatically increased costs.

Our employer-based system leaves out many individuals, families and children and puts a tremendous burden on businesses that do not have large profit margins.

  • We must ensure that every child in Washington state has health care and dental coverage. This must include neonatal and early childhood health programs, as well as integration of public and school health programs.

  • Our retirees have built our nation and deserve health security. We must provide state solutions to gaps in Medicaid coverage for low-income elderly residents, and adequate access to prescription medications we all recognize that the federal prescription programs under Medicare are a cruel hoax on the elderly.

  • We need to address the specific needs of the LGBT community, including full funding for HIV prevention programs and health care for transsexual individuals.

  • Washington must provide adequate funding for community clinics, which never turn people away due to lack of funds.

  • Troubled populations require specific attention. I support full funding for mental health care and treatment programs for substance abuse.

  • We must expand the state's Basic Health Plan while making it more affordable to low-wage earners.

  • We need adequate funding for preventive and primary care, ensuring appropriate care for chronic conditions and avoiding emergency room visits.

  • We need to address and correct environmental health hazards that can lead to cancer, respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

  • Profit levels in the pharmaceutical industry are out of control. We must continue to develop state programs to lower drug costs.

  • Funding must be increased for state programs that allow vulnerable populations access to medical care for example Medicaid, health care for the homeless, programs for pregnant women and for children.

  • I will work to ensure that hospitals and providers provide care to all residents, regardless of income level, employment or immigration status.

  • I support Fair Share Health Care, requiring large employers to provide adequate health insurance for their employees, or pay into a state health care fund.

  • Finally, we cannot have adequate health care for all Washingtonians without funding methods that spread the tax burden more equitably.

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