Siddiqui Education

Siddiqui Education Limited is a company set up by  Baasit Siddiqui in 2018. The business offers educational workshops  and competitions to schools and educational institutions across the nation.

Baasit has been teaching secondary and sixth form students for ten years. He has experience in teaching business studies, ICT and computer science. As a sixth form tutor, Baasit also has experience and understanding of the UCAS process, and has a lot of advice and experience to share with students about the transition from secondary school to sixth form.

As an ex head of business and ICT and as a mentor to PGCE’s (trainee teachers) he has ensured he is up to date with teaching pedagogy which has allowed his lessons to remain engaging and stimulating for the students he teaches.

Baasi’s workshops combine his teaching experience and media contacts through Gogglebox to deliver a unique learning experience to schools nationwide.

Baasit’s latest project “Lets Pitch It”, which started in January 2018 is already receiving interest and excellent feedback from schools. The project is aimed at helping to bridge the pupil premium gap in attainment. Details about the workshops and costings can be found in the slide show link below.

Click here to view the “Let’s Pitch It” Presentation 

To find out more or to book a session email Baasit on


  • Charlotte Ware (Head of KS4 business and enterprise at De Ferrers Academy) “Baasit, de Ferrers cannot thank you enough for delivering a great session to some of our PP Year 9 students! The tasks were challenging yet engaging and developed the students creativity, team working and presentation skills! Some of the students partaking struggle to get engaged and partake however during your session they did! Thank you again, the students can’t wait to start developing their idea further!”
  • Alex Young (Associate Assistant Headteacher at The Fernwood School) “Baasit Siddiqui’s ‘Let’s Pitch it’ day workshop has changed the lives of some of our pupil premium students. I saw students who are usually disengaged and miserable at school, turned into articulate, passionate and focused students. He is engaging, grounded and clearly very experienced in the classroom. He made the organisation of the day really easy and left us with a fab scheme of work. We actually now have most our PP students in extracurricular clubs by choice! Well worth the small investment.“
  • Jake Collings – Careers Lead – Wildern School, “Students loved the practical aspect to the day, creating their own media concept, and worked well in teams, inspired by the initial story behind Channel 4’s Gogglebox. The resources were easy to follow and well laid out with plenty of instruction, and students left enthused to get their pitch ready for the competition thanks to Baasit’s hard work on the day
  • Rachael Blazewicz-Bell (Senior Lecturer at NTU) “This project is a great way to build student’s confidence and support their self esteem”
  • Sally Davies (Director of JumpstartIT Training Services Ltd.) “Baasit is a highly experienced and outstanding education practitioner. This new venture is not only exciting but also valuable in terms of building students skills in team working, cooperation and confidence”