Are We Running Out of Fabric?

Short shorts

“Oh my gosh! Those aren’t dresses, those are tunics!” was all I could think of when I saw what some of the girls were wearing at an evening event at the high school. I’m talking barely covering their tushies! Apparently the school dress codes rules weren’t particularly enforced outside of the regular school day. And […]

Fashion Tips: An Interview With A Five-Year-Old Fashionista

fashion quote

My 5-year-old is a much better dresser than me. She’s fancy while spunky, classic while trendy, and just has that magical eye to see a jaunty headband would make all the difference. Since my daughter is always in style, I thought she could help us old people figure out how to keep up, keep in, […]

I Would Like Credit For My Normal Outfits

Pink haired princess

My kids, particularly my daughter, have many opinions on what to wear. Sadly, they don’t just keep these ideas to themselves. They attempt to style me, too, but I’ve had enough! Well, I should have had enough because this is what happens when I relinquish control. I know how you should do your hair! Like […]

Thank You Scarf Guy!!!


Never mind the fact that the Live Stream failed during Apple’s Product Reveal! What about Scarf Guy!? Nobody could get over Scarf Guy! Teehee! Not just me, after all? I would like to personally thank you, Scarf Guy. I would like to thank you for being a cultural lightning rod. It gives me the warm-fuzzies […]

The Best Sweatpants Or My Quest To Create The Most Comfortable Outfit In The World

Greatest Slippers

While I’m still attempting to be stylish again, I’d rather wear slippers than heels so I’m constantly on the lookout for the greatest sweatpants and eventually THE MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT ON EARTH. I already swear by the UGG Rylan Slipper all over the Internet mostly because they are not only a hug for my feet, […]

Spring On a Budget: Go Nautical for Under $150


I really love magazines and style blogs but I always get frustrated when I fall in love with something and find out it’s a cool $300… or that it’s in an impossible to find boutique somewhere in Calcutta (minor hyperbole, but still). So here’s an easily attainable nautical inspired look.   These 6 pieces you […]

10 Ways to Sparkle Without Looking Like You’re Wearing a Costume

Photo: Stockman/Getty

It’s nice to wear a little sparkle around the holiday season.  The problem is, there is always a chance I’ll end up looking a little like this: Only, you know, less coordinated. Since the uncoordinated figure skater look doesn’t exactly work for me, I thought I’d round up some of the best ways to add […]

Maternity Pants 101: When and How to Shop For Maternity Pants

Maternity Pants 101

 When your body is changing, you may wonder if you should wait and buy maternity clothes later in your pregnancy or get them from the beginning.  When is the right time to pick up a few maternity basics? The answer is simple: start as soon as you are uncomfortable. Many women start feeling that their […]

Act Your Age Ma’am

Mermaid Hair

One of my bigger fears as I get older is not “dressing my age” because there’s no one creepier than the lady who looks twenty-two from the blinged-out, back pockets on a seven-times-a-week gym butt until BAM! grandma turns around to say hello. I’m not so worried about my wardrobe at the moment, but as […]

Catwalk for Kids to Benefit Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Catwalk For Kids Logo

FASHION+HEALING CHILDREN Melissa Chase, currently a media personality with 103.7 The River, will be the emcee at Catwalk for Kids April 8, 2011.  The event will include a luncheon catered by Mosaic Unique Events held at Rockets Landing, from 11:00am – 2:00pm, followed by a runway show by the design house Tibi with designer Amy Mortimer […]