How Marriage Equality Affects my Family (Spoiler – It Doesn’t)

Rainbow Roses

So it happened! (Again?) Same-sex marriage is now legal in Virginia! Oh my goodness! What are the implications of this? What does this mean for my family and my marriage? What does this mean for society in general? What does this mean for other couples I know? What will I tell my kids??? Will there […]

Baby Fever- Two Moms are Better than None


Guest Post by: Abby Waller You know that craving for something you know would be so satisfying, so sweet that your cheeks are forced into a smile – like a perfectly ripe white nectarine, or a bite of raspberry sorbet? That’s what I feel every morning when I wake up and every night as I […]

How Chick-fil-A Lost a Fan

Chick-fil-A Cow

By now, I am sure most of you have heard the news that the President of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, made a formal statement to the press acknowledging the family’s (hence the company’s) stance against gay marriage. Specifically, Cathy said that they are “supportive of the…biblical definition of the family unit.” I can’t say that I’m […]

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever you are

National Coming Out Day

This may have completely passed a lot of folks by in the hustle-and-bustle of the workday following a long weekend, but today was National Coming Out Day. In our ever-celebratory world filled with days existing to honor the Watermelon, Old Rocks, Feet and Dressing up your pet, it seems perfectly fitting that we should honor a decision that is […]

Richmond speaks out on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

with contributor Rhonda Day The recent legislation, that announced New York’s senate had approved gay marriage, ignited a firestorm of public opinion related to its relevance in our traditionally-conservative state, and created questions about whether or not such a drastic change would ever cross into the Commonwealth of Virginia. With more than 60% of Virginia’s […]