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2011 Savvy Saver Card: Get yours here, free

This is a FREE card that you may use all year long. Click here to request a Savvy Saver card to be emailed & mailed to you. Click here to download a temporary pass. American Family Fitness One free WEEK* pass at any American Family Fitness location *Note, this is an upgrade! Barksdale Theatre $5 off each Barksdale […]

Tampa Mom Fatally Shoots Kids

The headline popped up on my laptop screen and I’m still in shock. A mother shot her sixteen and thirteen-year-old children in the head. For being “mouthy.” The shooting occurred Thursday evening. Police say that at about 7 p.m., Julie Schenecker armed herself with a .38-caliber pistol that she had purchased Jan. 22 and shot […]

Ford’s Enhance Mykey Technology now allows parents to block explicit content

Ford is upgrading its award-winning MyKey® feature with a world-first technology that allows parents to block explicit satellite radio programming while their teens are driving The upgraded MyKey technology also will allow parents to limit a vehicle’s top speed at any of four different settings – 65, 70, 75 or 80 mph A new poll by […]

I don’t want to be a fat mom. . .Angel’s Story

This is the second article in response to our “I  Don’t Want to Be A Fat Mom” piece in January, 2011, where we’re encouraging Richmond moms to tell their stories to encourage other women with “real talk” about weight loss. I’ve always been a little chubby or ‘big boned’ as I liked to call it, […]

Monster Truck Jam Ticket Giveaway

Grave Digger is back! Kid’s tickets only $5! Thunder Nationals features the same massive superstars from Monster Jam, but in a more intimate arena setting. Staged on purpose-built concrete courses, all the action that these monsters are famous for is fully intact, and even heightened by the smaller size of the tracks. Expect to see […]

LearningRx stops mental decline in its tracks…is there hope for Alzheimers sufferers

Last week as I was sitting in a waiting room with lots of other women, conversations swirled around me as mothers and grandmothers chattered about the day’s events, children, upcoming activities and what they were preparing for dinner. One particular conversation caught my attention as one of the women mentioned LearningRx. I was intrigued by […]

January 2011: Angela Wright

Richmond Mom Angela Wright bared her soul and put herself out there saying she needed to lose fifty pounds this year in order to be healthy again. We think this is a pretty huge way to start a goal–by announcing it to thousands of Richmond women to make herself accountable. There aren’t many women (and […]

My 21 Month Old Is Potty-Trained And I'd Like To Take All The Credit

By Alex Iwashyna, blogger at Late Enough When E was 18 months old, he started showing interest in the potty. Being a first time mom, I took my genius to the doctor and got ready to buy underroos. My doctor may or may not have snickered. And said it was normal for E to show […]

What does it take to make me (and you) happy?

by Kate Willoughby Hall I flew back yesterday from an amazing blogging conference, Blissdom, and left with a slew of ideas, new friendships, and this darlin’ necklace that will remind me of an amazing three days in Nashville with like-minded web-oriented chicks. On the way back my friend Kate Semp, an incredible force, mom-of-five, and […]

Our first blogger conference: the scoop

If you’ve ever considered attending a blogger conference, we’re happy to give you some insight into the seedy underbelly (just kidding  there’s a spa here) of one of the largest ones out there, Blissdom. I’ve been running this blog for three years (two of which I’ve actually been able to make a living doing so) […]