Mompreneur Launches Authentic Italian Business: Slim Italian

Don’t you just love the tastes and smells of authentic Italian food? Do the sights and smells of fresh eggplant lasagna and warm rosemary foccacia send you right over the edge drooling?

Now you can place your order, pick it up (or have it delivered) and introduce authentic Italian food to your family.

Dorothy Booze, a Richmond mom with strong family roots in Italy, has launched her online Italian catering business, “Slim Italian“. Aptly named after a woman who is authentically Italian and who is tall and slim (yes, you can eat pasta and manage your weight!), her business is one of the most delicious food options to hit the Richmond area.

Dorothy IS the The Slim Italian!

Her love for cooking authentic Italian food began in her mother’s kitchen. Later, her business rose in her kitchen out of her personal Italian heritage and a deep love and appreciation for food. She lovingly cooked for her family as her children were growing up, and now she has taken her love for cooking to the Richmond market.

Dorothy is the daughter of true Italian parents and her mother created the best Italian food imaginable. Just like all Italians, Dorothy sees every meal as a celebration and her food is to be savored, enjoyed, and celebrated with every bite. Although she prepares Italian dishes with meat, she specializes in meatless dishes that are just as flavorful and even better for you. She can also prepare a gluten-free eggplant lasagna or other entree.

Dorothy started her business making fresh, homemade focaccia which takes days and not hours to create! Raisin, sea salt, rosemary and basil/garlic are some of the available choices. This bread superbly complements her entrees or any other meal you prepare. The focaccia freezes well too so you can order several fresh loaves, eat one now, and keep some on hand for later.

As customers enjoyed her focaccia, they asked about other Italian food and she began to prepare meatless meals which were a huge hit.

Now she’s added some of them to her menu.

Dorothy  makes most all of her own pasta. And everything is created using the freshest ingredients

Authentic Italian starts with the best ingredients.

available, including natural and organic ingredients when available.

Nothing comes from a box or mix – it’s all made from fresh, natural ingredients with a focus on delicious and true Italian flavor. With delicious options like homemade Eggplant Parmesan and Green Lasagne with Bechamel al Forno, the flavors are out of this world. (Just hearing the words and descriptions roll off her tongue make it sound delicious!).

And with a variety of sauces including traditional pomarola, alfredo, and vodka, what’s not to love?

Delicious homemade pasta!

Are you salivating now?

Then give her a call to place an order for something authentically Italian and absolutely delicious. I’ve already sampled her food and I can tell you that it is truly the best Italian you’ll find this side of Italy! The holidays are the perfect time to let someone else do the cooking while you do everything else.

Order  a family-size Eggplant Lasagne, fresh Rosemary Focaccia, and decadent Tiramisu for a memorable holiday gathering.


Call Dorothy, the Slim Italian, at  804.240.4287.




To place an order, call The Slim Italian at 804.240.4287 or visit her website.


We’d love to know what you think so after you’ve tried her food, leave us a comment below. And thanks for supporting another incredible local business and Mompreneur!