August 12: Prenatal Testing Options

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If you and your partner are considering pregnancy or are newly pregnant, you might be amazed and/or overwhelmed with the number of prenatal testing options available. There are three different types of genetic testing that are offered during pregnancy.

Carrier testing of both parents will detect if either parent is a carrier of a certain genetic defect. A carrier test can be done before, during or after pregnancy and is performed by obtaining a blood sample which is then studied in a lab to detect a defective gene for a certain inherited disorder.

Screening tests are available to detect some birth defects during pregnancy. However, a screening test only shows if there is an increased risk that a defect will occur.

If a screening test or other factors raise concerns, diagnostic tests often can show whether certain birth defects are present.

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Rhonda is the mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren – and our only grandmother on staff. She spent 25 years in corporate healthcare managing prenatal and disease management programs. She is the Content Manager for Richmondmom and contributes her expertise as both a mom and grandmother – while sorting out the many opportunities for our valuable advertisers.