Quick and Easy Summer Dinner with MARTIN’S Limoncello Products (GIVEAWAY)

lemoncello creationsMARTIN’S is sweetening your summer with Limoncello inspired products. Starting May 15th and for a limited time, MARTIN’S has more than 30 products infused with the flavor of the Italian Sorrento lemon.

Things at our house have been a little crazy lately, my husband and I have been trading off working late and it’s been hard to find the time for a sit down dinner. I’m ready for summer.

I’ve been on the lookout for short cuts so it was a perfect time to get in a summery mood and try out limoncello risotto, limoncello lemonade and limoncello  cookies.

I swung by MARTIN’S and picked up a rotisserie chickens and some green beans for a super quick and easy lemony summer dinner.  I also, couldn’t help myself and snagged some mango sorbet for dessert.

lemoncello dinner

The limoncello lemonade was packed with lemony flavor. It had enough punch to mix with a little bit of seltzer water for a yummy bubbly Italian soda.

I steamed my green beans and sautéed them in garlic and lemon and had them served up in about 10 minutes alongside the rotisserie chicken.  The risotto however cooked a little more slowly and required white wine which, since I’m expecting (and a red wine girl) isn’t something I usually have around the house.  While it made a good compliment to the meal, the risotto lacked the punchy flavor from the sweeter lemoncello products.

For dessert the Simply Enjoy mango sorbet (which is not part of the Limoncello line) was absolutely amazing. We topped it with a Limoncello Meringue Cookie which was delicious, the cookies have a light texture and again, a ton of flavor

lemoncello sorbet

Easy summer dinner (and dessert) achieved and some much needed time around the table with my family.

Everyone was really pleased with the full bodied lemon flavor in these products and I can’t wait to try the Limoncello pesto, hummus, cooking sauce, olive oil and even make my kitchen a little sweeter with lemoncello dish detergent.

If you’re curious but want to try before you buy, MARTIN’S will be sampling some of it’s Limoncello products in stores May 16 & 17 and May 23 & 24. Definitely keep your eye out for all sorts of limoncello-inspired products throughout MARTIN’S Stores.




Cookies, lemonade and risotto provided by MARTIN’S for review and $25 in gift cards for the giveaway.
All opinions are my own.
MARTIN’S is a sponsor of Richmondmom

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