4 Easy Steps for a Fun Breakfast Tradition: The (Egg) Hat Trick

photo credit: Daniel G.
photo credit: Daniel G.

When I was a little kid visiting my grandfather in England, he used to play a funny trick on me every day at breakfast. As early risers, my grandparents and mother had their breakfast early, often before 6 am. I was however, allowed to “sleep in”. Every morning, Grandad made a soft boiled egg for me. I raised my spoon to crack the egg open, and to my astonishment, the egg was empty. Grandad would feign disbelief and say something like, “That’s rather peculiar”. And then he would nod over to the counter, and say, “You are lucky there is an extra egg over there.” The next morning, the game continued. Grandad would exclaim to my grandmother, “We must talk with the milkman (who delivered milk, cream, eggs, and yoghurt) about these empty eggs”. Each day there would be speculation about whether or not I would receive the “special” egg, with lots of winking and laughter. Every now and then, just to keep me guessing, Grandad would place a real egg in front of me, garnering my trust again that I had a real breakfast in front of me. Inevitably, the next morning my egg would be empty. It was a tradition whenever I visited over the years.

By the time I turned 12 or 13, Grandad stopped the game. After about the 3rd day of having a real egg during my stay, I asked why he stopped. He told me he thought I would think I was too old for the game. I told him I wasn’t. He “humphed” and made no comment, but his blue eyes were twinkling. The next morning, we egged each other on as the game continued.  Later as an adult, I seized the opportunity to serve his breakfast and continue the game from the offensive perspective. Both perspectives hold fond memories.

To play the (Egg) Hat Trick game, read on:

1. Soft boil an egg.

2. Tap out a small “hat” around the top of the egg with a spoon. Scoop out and eat.

3. Carefully scoop out the remainder of the egg with the spoon and eat. Clean the insides out of the egg so there is minimal residue.

4. Finally, turn the egg shell upside down and place in an egg cup. Serve and enjoy!

What fun tricks or games do you traditionally play with your family?

Want to learn more about egg food safety? Many people believe eating soft boiled eggs are safe for most people, except for very young children, the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems. Talk with your doctor if you have concerns about eating soft boiled eggs and read more about egg safety here.