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Are you getting the most out of your work out?  Do your knees hurt after barre class?  How does your back feel after that yogalaties class?  Are you working as hard as you can during your Pilates class at the gym but not seeing results? Maybe it isn’t you but the quality of instruction you are getting.

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Did you know that there is no trade mark on the Pilates method?  Pilates, by law, is descriptive- just as are dance, karate, yoga, and other such methods.  Mass marketing of Pilates is common practice because there is no trademark on the method.  In addition, there aren’t state or federal laws requiring certification requirements for instructors.  Take a “Pilates Cardio Booty Burn” class at your local gym and who knows how much or little training your instructor has under their belt.  Request and read instructor biographical information carefully.  If it is not readily available, speak up!  As a consumer, you have the right to ask the instructor what their qualifications are.  You trust your body to your Pilates instructor during and after class. The best way to avoid injury during exercise is to use good form.  You should know if your teacher has had more than an online course before you follow them into a move that Cirque-Du-Soleil would consider a warm up.

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Pilates is now the descriptive term for any exercise class that targets the core or abdominal muscles.  However, few know that Pilates is not a “thing.”  Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883-1967) was a man with a philosophy about how the mind, body and spirit should work together as a whole.  He originally referred to his methodology as the Art of Contrology with the main focus being the mind in control of the body in space.  Control of the body’s entire musculature requires a spine that is fluid in all planes of movement, properly aligned that evenly disperses work through the extremities.  To achieve such a spine, the core must be strong but to solely define Pilates as an abdominal workout is cursory at best.

Comprehensively trained Pilates teachers have over 600 hours of training (program requirements vary) that include observation, lessons, workouts and testing.  Proper training programs also require in-studio apprentice teaching hours overseen by a master teacher.  This is to ensure that a trainee is trained to teach versus repeatedly demonstrate the choreography like a game of Simon Says.  Pilates classes that are taught properly and hold true to the method should be kept small in size.  The teacher should be able to offer personal guidance to each participant because every person’s body is different.  The beauty of traditional Pilates is that any and every exercise can be broken down and modified to what the individual needs.  Only comprehensively trained teachers can utilize this skill in a group class.

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Pilates 804 in Glen Allen, is a traditional Pilates studio offering everything from private lessons to small group apparatus classes for all levels.  Teachers are comprehensively trained or enrolled in the Pilates 804Teacher Training Program.  There will always be eyes on you guiding you through the movements and cueing what your body needs.  Teachers at Pilates 804 do exactly that, teach. You will learn something about yourself.  You will be challenged and feel parts you didn’t know existed. You will be able to take the work home with you because good teachers make themselves obsolete in the end.

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