LEGO Commercial Inspires Girls to #KeepBuilding

In 2014, 7 year old Charlotte wrote a letter to LEGO complaining about how there were no strong female characters in their sets.

LEGO has long been a battleground for controversy around gender roles, but the letter from Charlotte prompted Lego to create a female scientist set which sold out at first and is now no longer available.

Perhaps Charlotte was also the inspiration for this commercial which was just brought to my attention as well:

Upon first look we loved that the LEGO commercial was geared towards girls but not in a girly way. I love how it shows the girl being a doctor, an actor, and seeking adventure.  But even still the commercial has it’s critics.

I’m a boy-mom, so I can’t turn to my daughter and ask what she thinks, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Is LEGO doing it right with commercials like these? How could they do better to break from the legos-are-for-boys stereotype?