5 Ideas For How to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Kids

What’s better than a day completely dedicated to celebrating love? February 14th is coming up and I’ve got a few ideas for how you can make Valentine’s Day special for your kids!

Heart Pancake 1. Start early: Make heart shaped pancakes by using cookie cutters. Or make them extra fancy by adding some sprinkles or red food color. Its a fun way to start the festivities and get your kids (and you, too) in the holiday spirit!Heart Pancakes 2


If you’ve got a lot of extra time, you could always give this a try –>


2. Daddy Daughter/Mother Son date night: Take your little gal or guy on a special date night. Just the two of you. Get all dressed up and make a whole night of it. (Doing this the night before or after will avoid the crowds and the kids won’t know the difference!) This will be such a special memory that they’ll remember for years to come. Check out the video below for a little inspiration. Heads up, its a tear jerker!

valentines day note
3. Write a poem: Come up with a silly poem or song that describes all the things you love about your child. If you have more than one, encourage them to write a poem or just a note to their siblings letting them know why they love them.

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4. Make homemade valentines: Instead of buying valentines at the store, get some craft supplies and create homemade valentines for their friends at school. Doing hands on things like this is a great way to connect with your kids and get a little one on one time with no distractions. (Check out our Pinterest board for a little inspiration)

5. Have them make you dinner: Have your kids create a special dinner for you and your husband or wife. Give them free reign of the kitchen! They can create handmade menus, set up the dining room like a restaurant and play waiter and waitress. It makes them feel good to do something special for their parents and it’s a great way to celebrate without dealing the madness of going out to dinner.