PinterTEST: DIY Coffee Scrub… Does it Work?

PinterTEST DIY Coffee Scrub rmomThere’s no shortage of DIY, all natural, home remedies and recipes out there.  If you look up DIY beauty or DIY cleaner you’ll find a ton. So I’ve been wondering… do any of these things actually work? So, one by one, I’ve decided to pick away at DIY trends, starting with a DIY Coffee Scrub.

DIY Coffee Scrub:
The claim: A cheap and easy way to smooth, soften and exfoliate your skin.  Reduces cellulite, fades stretch marks,  reduces redness on the face and wrinkles.

Recipe I tried:  Equal Parts Coffee & Olive Oil

(find a bunch here)
Coffee, Honey and Olive Oil
Coffee, Sugar, Oil
Coffee, Sugar, Cinnamon and Olive Oil
Coffee and Coconut Oil
Coffee, Oil, Essential Oils

This was easy enough. I had both coffee grounds in my kitchen I saved from the morning and a gigantic bottle of olive oil. I poured equal parts into a bowl, mixed it well and brought it upstairs to the bathroom. 5 stars for easy and cheap since the stuff was already in my kitchen.

This is where things go a bit awry.  The coffee ground concoction  is absolutely an in-the-shower scrub. It’s a complete mess. I scrubbed my legs first, which was good because after I did, I realized: I would absolutely under no circumstances use this scrub on my face. Coffee grounds are coarse, jagged little suckers and they don’t exactly dissolve in water like a sugar scrub does.  It would leave delicate skin (like your face and neck) raw. Don’t do it.  Anyway, I had enough for my whole body and concentrated on knees and elbows since it was so harsh.


A resounding meh.

My skin was absolutely softer and smoother afterwards.  The olive oil soaked in really nicely and I didn’t need lotion after my shower at all.  As for cellulite, I guess it helped? I wasn’t floored by the results. As I mentioned, I can’t attest to the facial aspect as the scrub was definitely too harsh for faces.

It was easy enough, but it looked like Starbucks exploded in my shower.  Olive oil coated coffee grounds stuck to the side of the tub (newly slippery thanks to the oil) and shower curtain so the shower definitely needed to be washed afterwards.  In addition, after rinsing well, I found smaller grounds still on my skin as I toweled off.

Needless to say, this won’t be a new part of my routine.  The ease and quickness of putting it together is offset by clean up.  I might do it every once in a while, for example before hitting the pool for the first time in summer.

Some tips for this DIY Coffee Scrub if you want to give it a try:

-Put it in a squeeze bottle of some kind, not a jar or a bowl.  I think the fact that I had it in a bowl just added to the mess factor. It was slick and easy to spill.  You don’t have to get anything special, an old honey bear might do. Something with a wide enough opening, but isn’t completely open all the time.

– Try the sugar version.  I regret not having it mixed with brown or white sugar. Sugar dissolves in water while the coffee grounds do not. I think I might have been able to try it on my face if it had been a honey or sugar combo… but not regularly, the coffee grounds are still very rough.

-Stick with olive oil over ever popular coconut oil .  This stuff needs to be washed off.  If you want to do it regularly, I don’t think that coconut oil is a fantastic idea since it solidifies anywhere below 75 degrees. Kinda like pouring bacon fat down the drain.  It might give you nice soft skin but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost of the plumber. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer but it’s better if you’re leaving it on and not trying to wash it down the drain.

So there you have it.  A “meh” daily DIY coffee scrub scrub but works well for occasional use.
Hopefully I’ve given enough tips that if you try it, it will end up a little easier.