iPiggiBank is Hiring!

iPiggiBankAre you a State certified elementary school teacher looking for a unique part- time opportunity? iPiggiBank is seeking dedicated, motivated, kind, organized, energetic, reliable teachers. Their workshops are during school hours and offer flexible teaching schedules and competitive hourly salary. Curriculum, workshop training and class materials are provided.

iPiggiBank’s goal is to help teachers and parents encourage kids in a fun, smart way to learn responsibility, earn money and manage it wisely. Their financial literacy curriculum and classroom workshop uses multi-sensory learning modalities to teach money management skills to all learners in the classroom. Through their class take home materials, we aim to elevate family conversations about healthy financial habits.

iPiggiBank Money Management for Kids workshop is led by a certified teacher and in support of classroom learning. The workshop includes group, partner and independent exploration to encourage shared learning. The lead educator keeps the classroom moving through activities and whole group discussion.

The curriculum includes discussion and activities on:
1.) Earning money through chores or projects that encourage responsibility;
2.) Saving for something special;
3.) Sharing or ‘giving back’ to your community or charity;
4.) Shopping wisely on a budget;
5.) Different payment options i.e., credit vs. cash.


If you are interested in working for iPiggiBank, send a resume to Shara Nadler at info@ipiggibank.com or get more information by visiting www.ed.ipiggibank.com.