Tales From Otherness – Coming Soon!

Tales From OthernessErin Mahone has been contributing to Richmondmom since early 2016 and we have LOVED having her! She is an incredible writer who always shares from the heart. We know that her articles have resonated with so many of you and now she’s bringing her storytelling to the stage…. Again! We’re so excited to announce that she will be hosting an event called Tales From Otherness at the Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe.

It Runs in the Family – the brainchild of RVA performing artist Erin Mahone – will host the fifth in a series of songs and stories from a life well lived, on Thursday, May 19th, 2016  at 7 pm.  Mahone has made her life’s work building understanding within communities, through the arts and as an advocate for underserved populations – and It Runs in the Family is building upon that legacy. Life is hard but it can be made a little easier with stories, love, music and food!  Erin will be singing songs and telling her own stories as usual, but for this show she will be joined by some Richmond superstar performers and personalities – Roben Farzad of NPR’s Full Disclosure, Justin Laughter of Flashlight Tag, Betzi Hekman of Disco Lemonade and more!

Every show has a theme and this time their theme is Otherness. What is Otherness? Well that’s really up to you. Is there something(s) that make you feel separate from the world? That’s Otherness. Everyone experiences this and the reason we feel “other” is because we think the world will reject us. But maybe not – let’s try saying it all out loud and see what happens. If we don’t die from saying (or singing) the painful things maybe they aren’t so bad after all – at least maybe they don’t have to be things we let hold us back. Who knows…let’s try it.

A portion of the proceeds from every show are donated to a local organization doing important work. This time they will benefit Safe Harbor Shelter – an amazing organization helping victims of sexual abuse rebuild their lives. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at http://www.inourfam.com/upcoming-events/ and will also be available at the door.