Funny Text Messages Between Parents and Their College Kids

Text messagesIf you have a teenager or a college student, you understand that it can be challenging at times to communicate with them.  We recently came across an old video from the Steve Harvey show that brought us some laughs.  Steve Harvey shares some funny text messages between parents and their college kids.

In the first text message communication, a mom texts her son that she will be at his college soon.  This catches her son off guard.  The mom explains that she saw his roommate’s Facebook post about the keg party that night.  She goes to say that she would imagine that they (the parents) are invited to the party since they just deposited money into his account that morning.  The clever mom then states that the party is technically theirs.  The son’s first response is to question why the mom is friend’s with his roommate.  He really hoped that she was joking but her last text message reads, “parking the car”.  I don’t think the son will be having any more keg parties any time soon.

In the second set of text messages, the topic is the cost of college tuition.  It has definitely gotten out of control and a college student is informing the dad that the tuition has recently gone up.  The student does not get a reply from the dad for a while.  Finally, the dad responds with, “We’re sorry.  The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.”  The dad’s response had us laughing.

The last set of text messages is about a son accidentally messaging his dad instead of a girl.  The dad sounds upset that he is trying to text a girl at 2am on a school night.  He expresses his disappointment in the son.  The dad’s last text message was unexpected and very funny.  Check out the video below to see the string of text messages.