6 Tips for a Successful School Year

The school year is underway and routines are beginning to take shape. But do you have all the tools in place for your daughter’s academic success?

There are simple things you can do at home to make the school year go even more smoothly for your daughter. Local educators outline the adjustments parents can make at home to ensure a successful school year.

Create an At-Home School Zone
You should work with your daughter to select a place in your home where she can work without disruption from TV, siblings or even her toys. Stock her at-home school zone with all of the school supplies that she needs close by as she completes her work at home. Provide good lighting and make sure the seating is comfortable (although not too comfortable!). It is key to give your daughter some say in creating your work space so that she feels ownership of the area and is excited to work in the space. This will help create good study habits that your daughter can carry with her throughout her academic career.

Fuel the Body
A protein-filled breakfast and snacks are a must for helping your daughter focus throughout the school day. Eggs, yogurt, cheese, meats and nuts provide a good source of protein. Try to avoid processed foods and added sugars. You can learn more tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics at healthychildren.org.

Set a Bedtime for School Nights
Select a bedtime for school nights that allows for a good night’s sleep and stick to it. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that school aged children (ages 6-13) receive 9-11 hours of sleep. Teenagers should receive 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.  Lack of sleep not only impacts academic performance, but it can affect emotional responses.

st-catherines-school-year 3Avoid Over-scheduling
One or two after-school activities is plenty. Children of all ages need undirected time to reflect, play and be creative.

Learn from Mistakes
Teach your children that mistakes are not disasters. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly. Model flexibility and calm when things don’t go as planned. This will help ease your daughter’s anxiety both in and out of the classroom.


Set Aside Electronics
Have your daughter put cell phones and other electronics to bed outside of their room at a set time every night. This will allow her brain to slow down as she prepares to go to sleep each night. The glow of the device can disrupt sleep if electronics are kept in the room. This is a great tip for adults as well. Set aside those phones and get some sleep.



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