Unique Handshake for Each of His Students

Let’s face it.  School can be a difficult place for both the kids and the teachers.  As parents, we would love to find teachers that can connect with our kids and motivate them to learn.  There are so many teachers finding new and unique ways to connect with our kids.  Thomas J. Bussey is one of these teachers.  He has decided to create a unique handshake for each of his students.

Who is Thomas J. Bussey?  Thomas J. Bussey is a third grade teacher at Centennial Academy in Atlanta.  He wanted to create a warm environment in his class and so he started off by teaching his students how to do a formal handshake.  Thomas also wanted to use this time to spark a little conversation with each student.  He said,”I want them to know what I care about their weekend and who they are outside of school.”  After his students learned how to do a formal handshake, Thomas invited them to create their own unique handshake.  He soon learned the unique handshakes of his 26 students.  Now, each student gets to do his or her unique handshake with Thomas at the beginning and end of each class.  It has created a warm environment where the students feel comfortable to learn and parents have seen differences in their kids.

We have a video showing some of the unique handshakes that he has with his students.  Enjoy this Share Saturdays video!