Messy Talents of Kids – Share Saturdays

Let’s face it.  We probably feel like we spend most of our time either cleaning our kids or cleaning up after them.  For such small people, they have the supernatural power to make messes.  Not just any messes.  Their messy talents allow them to take dirtying to another level while doing it in a short period of time.  We almost feel that there should be a support group for parents dealing with messy kids.

In this week’s Share Saturdays video, we have a mom from the UK video taping her kids.  It is the first thing in the morning and she enters her kids’ room.  Right away, she is greeted by her young daughter.  Her hands and her mouth are just covered in a white cream.  On the floor, she notices more of the white cream along with the container.  The mom keeps her composure and turns to her toddler daughter.  Oh boy!  Her toddler daughter’s crib rails and her face are covered in the cream.  Based on the video, I don’t think there is a single little space of skin showing on her face.  The mom lets out a sigh.  She starts to ask the older daughter what she has done.  The older daughter responds by saying she doesn’t know what she did but understands that it is bad.  The white cream everywhere is sudocrem.  It is an antiseptic cream.  The worst part is that the cream is extremely difficult to remove from anything.  It has a thick oily property similar to Vaseline.  While we sympathize with the mom, parents might get a laugh out of it as they probably have experienced the same thing with their kids.  Enjoy the video!