The Saddest Bookworm Viral Video

As a parent, there is something special about reading books to our young ones.  It is a chance to spend some quality time while helping our kids to develop.  Some of you may have stacks and stacks of board books ranging from Goodnight Moon to Dr. Seuss.  In this age of electronics, it can be difficult to capture your kids’ attention with books.  We came across one child that just loves books and thoroughly enjoys being read to.  We introduce you to the saddest young bookworm!

The baby’s name is Emmett and he is a huge fan of books.  He intently listens to each word and seems to be captivated by them.  All good things in life come to an end and so does the books.  Unfortunately, Emmett has a hard time dealing with it.  He lets his emotions out and it can’t help to bring a smile to his mom’s face.  When his mom starts to read again, Emmett quickly gets a hold of his emotions and listens intently once more.  Over and over again, the video shows just how much Emmett loves his books!  One thing that he has going against is that board books are rather short.  It definitely seems like he could become a true bookworm when he grows up.