Child’s Amazement with Garage Door

There is this quote: “If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary.  Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.”  This is so true.  As adults, we take things for granted.  We do things without ever putting too much thought into it.  For instance, we place a small capsule into a machine with some water and then we press a button.  Within minutes, we have a personal hot cup of coffee.  In this Share Saturday video, we have a young child in awe over a garage door opener.  The child’s amazement is priceless as the mom pushes the button for the garage door.  To him, it is the best thing since sliced bread.  His mind has just been blown!

Especially in this holiday season, we might take things for granted.  Year after year, we see amazing light displays, colorful decorations, and people in the giving spirit.  What if we looked at things through the eyes of a child?  Instead of tuning out the holiday lights, we take time to enjoy the display.  We start to appreciate the giving nature of people and perhaps it would make us more optimistic for the year ahead.

We hope that everyone has a chance to slow down this holiday season and enjoy time with the family and hopefully make some lasting memories.