Pulling a Loose Tooth with a Squirrel

Does your child have a loose tooth and they want it out?  Well, you could just wait for it to come out on its own, but some people cannot wait or the loose tooth bothers the child.  So what do you do?  One of the most common ways to get a loose tooth out is to have the child bite down on crunchy or hard foods.  Apples work great!  However, who needs this task to be mundane?  Why not make it interesting?  Try tying the loose tooth to a door knob and slam the door shut.  The idea is to apply quick force to yank the tooth out.  This concept makes sense and people have reported success doing this.  Now, what do you do if this is just not that interesting enough?

One father decides to use the wildlife in his local park to perform the dental procedure on his daughter!  In this Share Saturdays video, a father has taken his daughter to the park along with some floss, granola bar, a box of tissue, and his camera.  He shows his daughter’s loose tooth on camera and explains his crazy idea.  He is going to use the squirrels to pull his daughter’s loose tooth out.  He ties one end of the floss to his daughter’s tooth and the other end to a chunk of granola bar.  He places the granola bar on the bench that his daughter is sitting on and waits.  In a short period of time, you start seeing squirrels gather around them.  Finally, one of the squirrels takes the granola bar and runs away.  Next thing you know, the loose tooth is out!  Even though the squirrel runs away, the floss is long enough that you can see the loose tooth still tied to it.  The father can’t believe it that his idea worked.

This is a very interesting idea to say the least.  We might lean towards just biting down on an apple.  Enjoy the video!