Funny Valentine’s Day Cards From Kids

We hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  We stumbled across some funny Valentine’s that kids have given to their parents.  It is always interesting to see what comes out of children.  We hope these funny cards bring a smile to your face today!


Mom and dad.  You guys are good, but not great.  At least, the card rhymes.Funny Valentine's

First is worst, second is best (at least I hope so, for Rachel’s sake).  It also seems like the child is on a first name basis with the teacher!funny-valentines-kid-notes-151

Count your blessing Mom and Dad.  Also sleep with one eye open just in case!Funny Valentine

Well, at least he’s honest.  You can’t win all the time!funny-valentines-kid-notes-31_

Someone has been talking to Daddy…Funny Valentine

Sorry Mom and Dad, you peaked in ’04.  That dinner on January 29th must have been amazing!Funny Valentine

Very conflicting message!
Funny Valentine


Yikes…  Is this a warning?Funny Valentine

You know what they say… Conditional love is the best love.Funny Valentine

Someone should tell him you aren’t supposed to mix love and politics.Funny Valentine

We hope that you enjoyed these funny Valentine’s.  Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to express to our children and significant others how much they mean to us!  Happy Valentine’s Day!