Mom Pulls a Prank on Her Daughter After Waking From Nap

We love our moms.  Moms do so much for us and sacrifice so much for the entire family.  They are the unsung heroes and a family just wouldn’t function right without the mom.  They assume the role of nurse, chef, counselor and so much more!  However, there are times when moms just want to have some fun!  We found a mom in Georgia who pranks her daughter and does it magnificently.  Let’s just say that moms also prank very well!

Lindsey Chastain is a Georgia mom with an adorable daughter named Lexi.  Lexi had just taken a long nap and was disoriented when Lindsey starts filming her.  It doesn’t take too much for Lindsey to convince Lexi that it is morning when it was actually evening.  Lindsey constantly pushes Lexi to get ready for school.  It works because Lexi is doing her hair and brushing her teeth and preparing to go to school.

Most people might just stop there and end the prank.  Nope.  Not if you are a mom.  Moms go all out!  The video cuts away to Lindsey dropping off Lexi at school.  It is dark and Lexi makes her way to the front door.  As she walks away, you can hear Lindsey starting to laugh.  Lexi lets Lindsey know that the front door is locked and that front desk is empty.  Lexi is finally in the car as they head back home.  Lindsey spills the beans that it is night time but Lindsey was so good that Lexi doesn’t believe her.  Once Lindsey starts to explain, Lexi realizes that she had been pranked by her mom.

Enjoy this week’s Share Saturdays video!

When the nap was so good you think it's the next day when you wake up so you start getting ready for school…

Posted by Lindsey Chastain on Sunday, December 4, 2016