Father Videobombed By His Kids on TV

If you are a parent working from home, you understand the struggle of getting some quiet time to work.  Your kids want attention but you need to get things done.  In this week’s Share Saturdays video, parents working from home can relate to what this father went through.  While on BBC News, this father was videobombed by his kids.

Professor Robert E. Kelly was on BBC News to talk about the political atmosphere in South Korea.  Right after he starts his interview, his adorable daughters opens the door to his office and dances up right next to him.  You can’t help but to smile at her dance moves.  Shortly afterwards as if on cue, his other child, a baby, comes into the room in his walker.  It has turned into a full blown party in his office while on live TV!  His wife must have realized what was happening because she bolts into the room.  She quickly grabs the daughter and the baby and rushes them out of the room.  She gets on the floor to minimize her presence in the video and closes the door.

While we got a good laugh, we also empathize with the father and his children.  While we love our children, it can be a struggle to balance work and family life.  Parents working from home could really relate to this video.