Dad Tries to Not Laugh as He Punishes His Sons

Messes are a part of having children.  A spilled cup of milk, spaghetti all over their shirts, and mud caked clothes are somewhat expected.  Children are learning and exploring.  Sometimes children take it to another level though!  These messes will definitely frustrate you and make you laugh all at the same time.  In this week’s Share Saturdays video, a dad tries to not laugh as he punishes his sons for painting themselves.

The video starts off with the dad trying to figure out what happened.  He asks his two paint-covered sons if it was a good idea to paint themselves.  He starts his detective work by asking who got the paint out.  The older brother points to the younger brother and the young brother covers his face.  The older brother explains that his younger brother built stairs using blocks.  The dad tries to explain that as the older brother, he should have stopped him.  The boys admit that they are in trouble.  When the dad asks if they should get time out and not get any more juice, both boys shake their heads no.  We guess that they are hoping to not get punished for the mess.  This is also when the dad loses it and starts to laugh.  The older sons asks, “What is funny?”  The dad continues to laugh but is finally able to complete his talk with his sons.