Dad is Sleep Parenting – Viral Video

Most of us have heard of sleep walking.  It is when a person is fully asleep but is able to walk around as if they are awake.  Believe it or not, there are also cases of sleep driving and sleep cooking.  Now, there is sleep parenting.  In this Share Saturdays video, one dad is comforting a baby that is not in his arms while fully asleep!

Many parents will tell you that taking care of a baby is physically and mentally challenging.  The odd hours, short periods of sleep, and the endless needs can be overwhelming.  However, the dedication and the love that parents have for their children is just amazing.  One dad is so dedicated that he tries to comfort his child even though the child isn’t there.  The father is fast asleep but he continues to do his duties.  The child is actually with the mom and the mom is laughing at the exhausted dad.

Videos like this one show the love that parents have for their children and the lengths they are willing to go for them.  We hope that you enjoy this week’s video!