Funny Video About Traveling with a Baby

For many parents, traveling with a baby can be daunting especially when it involves an airplane.  The confined space, risk of getting sick, change in cabin pressure, and lack of resources available to you to take care of your baby are just some of the things that a parent might think about when traveling on a airplane with a baby.  Traveling with a baby can be stressful enough but when you are several thousand feet in the air, it takes it to another level.  In this Share Saturday video, we have two moms that take a humorous approach in providing advice for traveling with a baby.

Kristen and Jen are moms from #imomsohard.  In this video, they go over some of the challenges in traveling with a baby.  While their approach is funny, it really isn’t too far off from reality.  Perhaps that is why many parents might find this video entertaining.  Kristen and Jen cover everything from the cleanliness of baby changing station at the airports to the wrestling of the baby in the airplane bathrooms while trying to change them.  In the end, they have just one advice.  Don’t travel with your kids until the youngest is 5 years old.  We hope you enjoy this funny video!


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