Boy Becomes Super Villain with Leaf Blower

When kids are little, they are always told what they can and cannot do.  Even if they get a chance to do something, an adult is usually next to them to make sure they are doing it right.  Perhaps this is why kids pretend to be adults sometimes when they play around.  They are just itching for some independence.  In this week’s Share Saturday, a boy gets an opportunity to take control of a leaf blower and he gets a bit carried away!

A young red-haired boy is in front of his grandfather’s house.  His grandfather had been working on the yard and had his leaf blower out.  The young boy seizes his chance when his grandfather places the leaf blower on the ground.  He picks it up and starts to blow air directly at his grandfather and his younger sister.  Perhaps it was the power tool or his chance at some power, the young boy starts to go crazy with power!  He briefly places the leaf blower down on the ground to celebrate his new power and then starts to attack his sister again.  When the young boy is distracted, his grandfather reaches over and takes away the power tool away.  Even though he no longer has control of the leaf blower, we think he will never forget this experience.


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