Baby Boy Jams to Dad’s Beatboxing

Something that we see in sports, entertainment, or even in our own families are kids following in their parents’ footsteps.  Parents share their interests with their children and sometimes the children take up those interests.  Peyton Manning followed in his father’s footstep and became a NFL quarterback.  Kate Hudson followed her mother, Goldie Hawn, into acting.  So it comes as no surprise that a baby would show great interest in music when his parents, who are both musicians, surround him with music.  In this week’s Share Saturday video, a baby boy jams to his dad’s beatboxing!

Bronkar and Cyndi Lee are both musicians and have a 10-month old son, Elijah.  They surround him with music and Elijah just loves it.  One day, Bronkar decided to entertain Elijah with some beatboxing.  Bronkar has taught beatboxing professionally and thought Elijah might enjoy listening to him.  He was right!  As Bronkar gets going, Elijah just loves it.  He hops in his seat to match his dad’s beats.  Elijah gets in a groove until his dad pauses.  Elijah doesn’t want his dad to stop so he uses sign language to ask for more.  Bronkar couldn’t say no, so he starts back up again and Elijah is back into his groove.

This video is a great reminder for parents to spend quality time with their children and to share their interests with them.  We hope you enjoy this funny video of a baby getting down to his dad’s beatboxing.


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