Teacher Welcomes New Class in Viral Video

The first day of school is almost here.  As the new school year approaches, some teachers are sending out letters and newsletters to welcome their new students.  One teacher found a creative way to express his excitement for the new school year.  Dwayne Reed, a first-year teacher from Chicago, decided to mix things up a bit and create a rap song and music video for his 4th-grade class.  You can definitely tell that the teacher is just as excited as the kids about the new school year.

The video welcomes the students and shares some information about himself.  He describes what the students can expect from him and what he expects from them.  He stresses having respect for yourself, students, teachers, and the school.  The song and video also emphasize that students are expected to put in the hard work in his class but that school and learning can definitely be fun!

The song is catchy and you can’t help but smile at the enthusiasm of the first year teacher!  We hope that his first year of teaching is a success.