Kindergarten Kids Explain Their First Day Of School

The first day of school finally has come and gone!  For parents of kindergarten kids, it was a time of nervousness and excitement as their children started a new chapter in their lives.  Actually, the kids were probably the ones who were excited and parents were the nervous ones.  After a morning filled with picture taking, you hopefully made it to school on time where you had to scramble to find a parking spot.  A few more pictures and you finally dropped them off at their classroom.  Throughout the day, you may have worried about how they would interact with the other kids and how they behaved for their teacher.  The moment you picked them up from school, you may have asked them how their day went.  In this Share Saturday video, we get to see some kindergarten kids explain their first day of school!

22 kids from around the world were interviewed before and after school by their parents.  5 questions were focused on:

  1. What is today?
  2. Are you excited?
  3. What did you learn today?
  4. Did you make friends?
  5. Are you excited to go back tomorrow?

In this video, we get to see some of the kids’ adorable responses.  Personally, our favorite response is when the girl tells her mom that she made a new friend at school and his name is SpongeBob!  We hope that your children’s first day of school went well and that you get some smiles from this video!


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