Dog Sympathizes with Baby After Eating His Cracker

“Man’s best friend.”  It is a common phrase that we have all heard at one point or another.  Dogs can be very loyal and protective of us.  In return, we treat them like family members.  We look out for their well-being.  So what happens when your dog doesn’t treat you right?  One boy experienced this first hand as the family dog takes his treat.  However, the dog does sympathizes with the baby after eating his cracker!

In this Share Saturday video, we have a cute baby boy sitting down to enjoy a rice cracker treat.  The problem is that the family dog is eyeing the treat as well.  When the baby boy is not expecting it, the dog leaps up and takes a bite out of the cracker.  The boy initially pulls the cracker away only to have the dog lunge for it again.  Ultimately, the dog gets the rest of the treat and the baby boy is left with nothing.  He responds the only way he can by crying.  The dog realizes that the boy is crying and starts to howl.  You get a sense that the dog is sympathizing with the boy even though it caused the situation.  After a little bit of howling, the dog walks away as if nothing happened.  Hopefully the dog makes up for eating the cracker!


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