Baby’s Cute Reaction to His First Dandelion

When we become parents for the first time, it is so amazing to introduce the world to our kids.  Things that may appear ordinary to us can be extraordinary to our children.  Sometimes we can get caught up in the moment and enjoy the experience with the kids.  They just have a way of lifting our spirits!  In this Share Saturday video, a baby is introduced to his first dandelion and his reaction is just precious.

Tom Fletcher is a first-time dad and he took his son, Buzz, for a hike.  Once they came upon a clearing, Tom picked up a dandelion to show his son.  As Tom starts to blow the dandelion seeds off, Buzz starts to giggle.  This, in turn, makes Tom laugh.  Tom continues to blow at the dandelion even though all the seeds have flown off.  Buzz doesn’t seem to mind as he goes on giggling.  Tom ends up picking up two more dandelions to continue this special laughing session.  It is always special to see a father bond with his son.  In this moment, Tom and Buzz just had a good old laughing session while enjoying the outdoors.  We hope you enjoy this week’s Share Saturday video and if you would like to view more, please click here.