Funny Video About Moms and Coffee

Moms and CoffeeFamilies are so busy nowadays that we struggle to have enough energy to get things done.  For some parents, they rely on coffee to give them the jolt of energy to stay productive.  Drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning is like taking a sip from the fountain of youth.  The moms at The BreakWomb created a funny video about moms and coffee and the eternal struggle to get things done!

The three moms start off very tired and groggy.  They lack the motivation to get anything done and the caffeine meter is on empty.  One of the moms has a son whose birthday is coming up and she hasn’t gotten started in planning his party.  After drinking their first cup of coffee, the caffeine meter is full and the moms get a bit ambitious with their tasks.  One mom states, “That’s 200 hundred people.  You’re going to need 4 bounce houses.  I am renting a U-Haul right now.  I will pick them up.  I will transport them across town.  I will blow them up with my own lips because I played the French horn in high school.  I have the lung capacity for it.”  Shortly afterward, the caffeine wears off and the moms are grumpy and tired once more.  It takes another round of coffee before the moms are motivated enough.  Unfortunately like before, the moms’ energy levels come crashing down.  In the end, the moms stop relying on coffee and resort to wine!

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