Dad Pranks Daughters with Blinker Fluid

Blinker FluidWhen April Fools Day comes around, we all get in the pranking mood.  You may think about pranking your friends or your co-workers.  However, when you are a parent, your kids become the first and easy target. These pranks can definitely create special memories that your family will laugh about for years to come.  In this week’s Share Saturday video, one dad pranks his daughters by asking them to buy some blinker fluid.

Rodney Hebert is a father of three daughters.  On April Fools Day, he asks his two oldest daughters to help him out by going inside the local Autozone and purchasing some blinker fluid and a bucket of steam.  Due to their lack of car knowledge, his daughters didn’t think too much of the request.  FYI, blinker fluid is not real.  The video starts off with Rodney’s two daughters coming out of the Autozone complaining that they look like idiots for asking for some blinker fluid.  When Rodney asks his daughters if they also asked for the bucket of steam, the oldest daughter responds that she had.  The store employees tried to explain to her that she was being pranked but she was sure it wasn’t a prank because she had a coupon for it!  In the end, it looked like everyone had a good laugh.

We’re sure that the Hebert’s will always be talking about this prank!  We hope that you get a good laugh from this video.  Have you ever done an epic prank on your kids?  Share with us by emailing


Dad's 'blinker fluid' prank is perfect

He should have asked for a left handed screwdriver as well 😂

Posted by VT on Friday, April 7, 2017