Impatient Dog Honks at Owner

It seems like everybody is busy nowadays.  We try to squeeze every minute out of every day for school, work, after-school activities, homework, and more.  It can get overwhelming at times.  In the midst of trying to get everything done, it can be easy for us get impatient and agitated.  Even our pets are affected by the ” go go” mentality.  In this Share Saturday video, an impatient dog honks at its owner.

It is early evening and we see a dog in the driver’s seat of a car that is parked in front of a convenience store.  Right away, the dog leans in on the steering wheel and starts to honk the horn.  This unusual sight catches the eye of a bystander and he starts to record this funny situation.  The dog gets its wish when, the owner comes out of the store due to the honking.  Not sure what the dog has on its schedule but he seems ready to go!


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