This Toddler Can’t Say Ice Cream (And It’s Hysterical)

One of the most frustrating things about having a toddler comes when we simply can’t understand what they are saying. This, of course, is frustrating to them, too. I mean, they know exactly what it is they want to say, but more than a little of the meaning gets lost in translation. However, sometimes it’s these funny little mispronunciations that become some of our favorite moments. Case in point: this toddler trying to say ice cream.

The thing is, even though we want to pull our hair out when we have no idea what our toddler is saying, after awhile, we learn to speak their language. It isn’t until friends come over and stare quizzically as we respond to sentences that sound like babble to outsiders that we realize just how much we create our own language with our kids. And I must admit, as my kids got older, I kind of missed those funny little code words that only we understood.

While there are so many little phrases that I would give anything to hear one more time, this dad is on his game. He had the good sense to capture his hilarious daughter Delta’s attempts at saying something as simple as ice cream on camera. And you can bet the farm that this video will come out for ALL of her big events later in life – her first boyfriend, her high school graduation, and her wedding. My guess is that it will be just as funny every single time.

One of the best parts is that Delta repeats everything else her dad says with pretty impressive clarity, even down to being able to say “ice” and “cream” separately. But put it all together and it’s absolutely hysterical. Now that I’ve watched this video on repeat for that last hour, it only seems fair to share it with the rest of you! Enjoy…and good luck trying not to laugh!