Parody of Mom Getting Ready for Company

As parents, we don’t always realize how we come across to other members of our family. After all, when events like company coming for dinner occur, it’s only reasonable that the house should look like a feature in “Better Homes and Gardens,” right? But as we see in this hilarious parody of a mom getting ready for company, what we think might be perfectly reasonable behavior at the moment can come across as just a little bit…well, crazy.

Chris Fleming is a comedian and YouTube sensation who is best known for his series “Gayle,” in which he plays a rather high-strung suburban mom that goes by the name Gayle Waters-Waters. What makes Fleming’s videos so funny is that while, sure, they’re meant to be over the top, it’s not all that hard to identify ourselves in them – even if just a little bit.

In his episode of “Company is Coming” he perfectly portrays the frantic mad dash we do when we’re getting ready for company in an effort to make the house look, as he says, “like no one lives here.”  As he races around the house, madly vacuuming everything in sight and shouting orders, I couldn’t help but think about the times that I have scrubbed neglected baseboards in an upstairs hallway (as if that’s where anyone is going to be looking?!) or bought all new placemats for the dining room table, even though we don’t use placemats normally. And when he realizes that a child’s bed hasn’t been made and shouts that it must be thrown out because there’s no time to make it now, I have to admit, it didn’t sound like a half bad idea!

While I couldn’t stop laughing for most of this video, it actually gave me a little sense of relief, as well. Next time I go to a friend’s house and sigh enviously at her perfectly arranged hand towels, I’ll just remember that she was most likely a crazy woman until five minutes before I rang the bell. We’re all doing the best we can, after all!

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