Baby Tries Wasabi for the First Time

Ok, it’s time to come clean as parents. We have to all admit that there’s been a time or two that we’ve made our kids try something that we (maybe) knew they wouldn’t like. Or maybe it went beyond that. Maybe we made them try something just for the reaction. It happens. No judgment. And we have to give total credit to the mom in this video for how she approached giving her daughter, Rosie, wasabi (i.e., with a fair bit of caution). But at the same time, there’s no doubt that when this baby tries wasabi for the first time, it’s beyond funny.

As parents, many of us tend to be so careful about what our kids eat. Nothing too spicy. Nothing too sweet. Nothing too sour. And that’s fair. But inevitably, the situation is going to arise where our kids get the chance to taste something that crosses our carefully formed boundaries, whether we like it or not. I can still remember the horror I felt when I looked over at a Thanksgiving dinner to see my aunt spooning mounds of whipped cream into my six-month-old daughter’s mouth. But my horror was my daughter’s delight. Turned out, she loved every bite!

But that’s whipped cream. This is wasabi. And if you’re a sushi fanatic like I am, then you know all too well that wasabi will not only clear your sinuses, but it will make your eyebrows fall out if taken in the wrong doses. However, we have to applaud this mom for her reasonable approach. Not only does she ask her daughter first if she wants to try it, to which she gets a definitive “no,” but when the baby asks for, in the sweetest and most plaintive voice, “wasabi,” her mom insists that she smell it first. When the go-ahead is given, it’s just the tiniest taste offered…but the results are hilarious.

So before anyone gets upset that no one should give their child wasabi, let’s be honest, this baby tries wasabi with more grace and composure than most adults I know!

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