Dad Gets Lectured By His Three-Year-Old

We learn early on as parents that our kids are really little more than just mirrors for our own behaviors. Sometimes this can be a startling wake-up call. Other times it can be downright funny as in the case of this dad who takes his two daughters to the store, only to be lectured by his three-year-old in a way that could have only been learned.

When dad, Maxwell Olsen, took his daughters, Kamryn and Kymoree, aged seven and three, to the grocery store, he experienced what most of us experience at the grocery store with kids – a barrage of requests for anything with a brightly colored label and enough sugar to kill your average house cat. So, when he finally had to speak sternly to his older daughter, Kamryn…well, that’s when Kymoree stepped in.

Now, I have to give it to this family – even in the midst of a strict talking to (the three-year-old to her dad that is), everyone remained quite calm and respectful. But watching little Kymoree calmy ask her dad, “Does my face look happy to you?” had me dying. How Maxwell kept it together is beyond me!

While this whole scenario absolutely cracked me up, I was also quite impressed. Not only did Maxwell take time to respectfully listen to what his daughter was saying, he took her seriously and didn’t negate her feelings despite the hilarious delivery. Likewise, if this three-year-old was imitating the kind of reprimands she gets at home, then I’d say her parents are doing a pretty good job of keeping their cool while delivering a stern but fair message.

There’s no doubt that kids are the best way to learn self-improvement – and if you can have a few laughs with them (and maybe even at yourself) along the way? All the better.

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