If Guys Watched the Royal Wedding

Unless you live off the grid, there’s no way you’ve missed the hype surrounding today’s Royal Wedding. All around the world, people are planning parties, teas, and spectator events with live streaming, commentary, and more. Simply put, the Royal Wedding is a big deal.

But there’s a reason weddings like this garner so much attention. After all, how often do we get to see a real-life fairy tale where the handsome prince marries his beautiful princess? Most of us will remember exactly where we were when Prince William and Kate Middleton said, “I do.” And some of us will give away our age by recalling when Prince Charles married Diana. Regardless of who you are, or how much you really care, you have to admit, it’s all just a bit intriguing…at least for most women.

Guys on the other hand…well, that might be a different story. If you’ve ever been privy to a group of guys watching football, baseball, basketball, rugby, tennis, and yes, even, golf, then you’ll know that when “the boys” get together, they do more than just watch the game. They tend to provide their own running commentary, sideline coaching, cheering, booing, and the occasional wager. So as you can imagine, a royal wedding might just come up a bit short in terms of excitement for our sports-loving men.

But, what if guys watched the Royal Wedding like it was a sport? It would be my guess that they would add a whole new level of entertainment to the event…and this hilarious parody proves it.

In this week’s Share Saturday video, we see what it would look like if guys watched the Royal Wedding like they do sports – from aggressive tea drinking to take-out finger sandwiches, these boys came to party. Who knows, you might just get some ideas and talk your own special man into making the Royal Wedding a spectator sport in your house! Good luck!

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