Best Surprise EVER At High School Graduation

With Memorial Day coming up on Monday and high school graduation happening at schools all around us, this week’s Share Saturday video hit a special nerve. Specifically, it hit the “eye-watering” nerve and no matter how many times this video plays, I find my face leaking every time.

When Jordyn Nickolson of Marysville, Washington was preparing to graduate from high school in 2013, it was a bittersweet moment. Although she was finishing her high school career – and being named “Athlete of the Year” to top it off – her graduation day was not complete. Her brother, Justin Mickelson, a petty officer in the US Navy, was not going to be there. Instead, he was serving his second tour in Afghanistan.

Or at least that’s what Jordyn thought.

When Justin realized just how hard it was on his little sister to not have him there, he started “Operation Graduation” in an effort to make it home in time for graduation night. With the help of select friends and family, he managed to get home while keeping it a secret from his immediate family, including Jordyn.

Just before graduation began, Justin snuck into the auditorium, and when his sister was called to the stage, he was there waiting to surprise her. Needless to say, the result was emotional. But more than just offering a special moment between a brother and sister, it called to mind the incredible sacrifice that members of the military make being away from their families – and the sacrifice that their families make in supporting them despite their own fears and worries.

As Memorial Day approaches, we here at Richmond Mom want to give a special thank you to all those who have served as active members of the military, as well as those friends and family members who serve as “homefront soldiers,” patiently supporting, loving, and believing in our men and women in uniform.

And of course, to all of you high school graduates, both here in Richmond and beyond, we wish you all the best upon your graduation. May you find success no matter where your path leads.

In the meantime, grab a tissue and enjoy this special reminder of just how important family really is.

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